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Tecsoft "Tetra" Sterile Foldable Acrylic Intraocular lens

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Poly-HEMA Acrylic Clinical Quality (26%)
Refractive index=1.461 in situ condition
Equi-Biconvex Optic with “4-point fixation” design
Powers available from +5.0 D to +32.0 D
By 1\2 D from +10.0D to +30.0 D
By 1D in all other power

Code Dioptric Power   Angulation Est A Const.
Tecsoft "Tetra"  Sterile Foldable Acrylic Intraocular lens
A8L +5.0 D to +17.5 D 11.2×6.0 mm 118
A8M +18.0 D to +25.5 D 11.0×5.9 mm 118
A8S +26.0 D to +32.0 D 10.8×5.8 mm 118